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First Aid Instructor:

Debbie Villeneuve
EHC Certified Instructor, Gibbons, AB

Phone: 780-942-4491
Email: cheslafarms@gmail.com

Cash at a Cutting Competition

Jennifer Webster
AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor

Phone: 780-952-7045
Email: dr.jwebster@gmail.com

Download Treatment Forms: (PDF format)

Animal consent form - Regionals 2010

Animal history form - equine

Jennifer Webster working on Fred

Veterinary Services:  

Delaney Veterinary Services



Doc Barr Veterinary Services


WestWind Veterinary Hospital


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Certified Farrier:
AGS Horseshoeing
Andre Schlesiger


Certified Farrier
s are hard to find

We love Andre. He is an excellent farrier and is very knowledgeable about horses' minds as well as their hooves. Andre is an experienced horseman and is a good source of knowledge. He trims our trail horses, and shoes our Reiners and Cutters for clinic's and shows. We rely on Andre's expertise in trimming our horses hooves for every venue. If we have different events or activities planned, we go over our needs and he helps us make the best decision for our horses' healthy hooves. Healthy hooves mean a healthy body and balance.

Andre offers on-site service within the Sturgeon County area. If you are outside the area you can trailer to his location. Book an appointment by calling him at: Phone: 780-974-0718.

Everyone is always welcome to join us on farrier day at Chesla Farms.


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Equine Massage Therapy


Noble Bodyworks

Website: https://www.noblebodyworks.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Noblebodyworks/

Gaylene Danilkewich

Noble Bodyworks

Help your horse stay in top shape with Bodywork by Gaylene Danilkewich EEBW, CCBW

Soft tissue: the amazing system of your horse's body that performs all of the movement, takes all of the impact and keeps on ticking!!

Did you know that your horse has two seperate skeletal systems? one for their limbs and one for their body, these are not joined together by bone but by soft tissue! (WOW) Imagine all of the internal and external factors that can disrupt the normal functions of the soft tissue, bodywork helps address these issues.  Working with dysfunction and soreness to allow your horse to move symetrically, fluidly and to their full potential.

Gaylene is certified in Equine and Canine Body Work through Equinology, Inc. ® and Caninology ® .  

The school is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.  They are also approved and recognized by the International Equine Body Worker Association (IEBWA).   Gaylene is fully insured in all the work that she performs.This means you can feel confident that Gaylene's work is safe and appropriate for your horse or dog!


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