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Provincial Associations

Alberta Equestrian Federation

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is a member driven, nonprofit Provincial organization responsible for organizing, coordinating, sanctioning and administering equine sport and recreation in Alberta since 1978. Membership is in excess of 12,000 individual members as well as over 100 member equine Provincial organizations and industry partners.

The AEF is the only Equestrian Body recognized by Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation. As such, we are the only body to directly receive funding and to have a voice within the Alberta Government on behalf of all equestrians in Alberta

Alberta Farm Animal Care

AFAC is an association started in 1993 by the livestock producers of Alberta to:

  • promote responsible, humane animal care;
  • engage in discussion with the public;
  • monitor and participate in issues and legislation, and;
  • encourage animal care research.

AFAC's goal is to improve animal handling and promote responsible animal care. The partnership recognizes that animal welfare issues are a growing international concern and the public expect all animals to be humanely treated throughout their lifetime.


Alberta Horse Industry

This site keeps you up to date on on Alberta events, seminars and laws effecting the horse industry in Alberta. It is a must for all horse owners to keep up todate on the changing laws in horse-care and transportation.

Check out their links to top Breeders, Educators and Seminars.

This site is a must for every 4H Leader and Pony Club Leader.

The site has an excellent Industry Directory found under the Projects tab or at the bottom of the home page.


Alberta Horse Industry Association of Alberta - Horses 101 Seminars

Everything you always wanted to know about horses but didn’t know who to ask!

The General Horses 101 seminars cover the topics of horse care & nutrition; equipment; assessing stables; keeping horses at home; and horse selection. Presenters for the seminar are well-known horse industry professionals: Ron Anderson, Muffy Knox and Les Burwash/Doug Milligan.


Roping the Web

Ropin' the Web, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development's website, delivers current department information and services electronically to connect citizens with government directly and cost-effectively. The site provides extensive high-quality agricultural information and and news about the industry from department specialists.


Equine Business

Feedstore to-your-door

As horse and companion animal owners ourselves we know how important it is to feed our loved pets with high quality, reputable brands that will keep them healthy and happy.

Imagine feed being available all the time. No need to fuss or worry about what you have or need or how you will find the time to get it.


Equine Societies

Rainbow Equitation Society


Founded in 1982, Rainbow Equitation Society has evolved over the years. It was first just a horse club, then a recreational riding club. In 1987 it took up the responsibility for stewardship of several Natural Areas in the zone, including Halfmoon Lake Natural Area.

In recent years, Rainbow Equitation Society has been responsible for bringing together 1440 acre mixture of public and conservational lands to create a special place in the Ghost Horse Hills.


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Professional Services

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association - Biosecurity

We are all aware the greatest threat to the health and well being of any creature comes from other creatures of the same species. The risk of disease grows in proportion to the closer they are crowded together, the frequency with which they are moved or co-mingled, the degree of biological stress and the presence of microbial pathogens. Disease can be passed directly from animal to animal, from animal to human or indirectly as a result of contaminated surfaces, equipment, feed or water, vermin, insects and other creatures.


Alberta Veterinary Medical Association - Horses

Under Public Resources, this website lists information of interest to members of the equine community. Includes dentistry, infectious diseases, equine pre-purchse exams and links to other sites.